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E-DINARCOIN - a fully decentralized payment system, operating on an open accounting technology blockchain.

Unique cryptocurrency E-Dinarcoin aims to change the world for the better, from the monopoly of the financial institutions - to a decentralized cryptocurrency without boundaries and limitations, which is available at any point of the globe.



  1. High energy efficiency, thanks to which you can count on the cheap mining and transactions.
  2. There is the possibility of using a special partner program, consisting of several levels.
  3. Possibility of exchange for cash.
  4. No need to open a bank account and filling out paper documents. Cryptocurrency is available for use only on the basis of the Internet, which is present in every country of the world.
  5. Transactions can be carried out much cheaper than real money. Commission payments to E-Dinarcoin are always minimal.

E-DINARCOIN - is not only a monetary system, but also a means for the organization of the charity and improve the ecological state of the planet. 




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Frequently asked questions


It is cryptocurrency (digital money), that grows in value by 0.65% per day. Completely decentralized payment system, operating on an open accounting technology blockchain.

Can I make money on E-DINARCOIN?

E-DINARCOIN - It is cryptocurrency with a growth rate of 0.65% per day. Guaranteed growth of cryptocurrency E-DINARCOIN on all world markets, including on our own P2P exchange.

What are the advantages of E-DINARCOIN?

Easy payments - the ability to instantly send and receive any amount of money anywhere in the world and at any time, without any restrictions. E-DINAR allows users completely control their money. Less risks for entrepreneurs - E-DINARCOIN transactions are safe and completely anonymous information about the buyer. At the same time by reducing administrative costs. Security and control - all members of the online-community E-DINARCOIN fully control their transactions.E-DINARCOIN transactions without reference to the personal information guarantee its protection of the theft.

How to use this currency?

To do this, you need to go through a simple process of registration and buy E-DINARCOIN currency.

Who controls the E-DINARCOIN?

E-DINARCOIN is controled by themselves members of the online-community - users around the world.The developers of E-DINARCOIN can make improvements in the software to support the viability of all Internet-community, but can not change any source code or algorithm of cryptocurrency's work.

How can I get the currency E-DINARCOIN?

We encourage members of our group to buy E-DINARCOIN on our online exchanger.

Purchase can also P2P Exchange or third-party exchanges, as well in the points digital currency exchange. Currently, there are 18 such centers and their quantity will continue to increase. Swap with another Internet-community member E-DINARCOIN. Earn E-DINARCOIN by means of mining.

If the E-DINARCOIN will be global currency?

E-DINARCOIN is essentially a global currency, as members of this community - are the people from different countries around the world. To become a member of the Internet-community E-DINARCOIN, only needs to have a computer and internet access.

Is E-DINAR COIN protected?

Technology E-DINARCOIN (protocol and cryptography) has a high level of security, and E-DINARCOIN network is a large distributed computing project. Therefore, E-DINARCOIN is fully protected from hacking or hacker attacks, because hackers will need to attack all the computers of users of this network, which is practically impossible. However, when using Personal Cabinet (PC) and Wallet E-DINARCOIN is necessary to comply with all the standard precautions.

How do the units digital currency generate?

New E-DINARCOIN units generate as a result of a process called "mining". E-DINARCOIN cryptocurrency production process will be stopped when the result of mining will produce 999 trillion units of this currency. Based on the data of analytical department this process will take approximately 33 years. After production of 999 trillion EDC monthly increase in the volume of digital units of E-DINARCOIN in the amount of 0.65% will also be stopped. Since then, the share of Internet-community E-DINARCOIN will be determined by the market.

How much is legal E-DINARCOIN?

In terms of current legislation E-DINARCOIN absolutely is legal in most countries. However, in some jurisdictions may require licensing of certain subjects, especially online exchangers sites working with cryptocurrency E-DINARCOIN.

How is strong the confidentiality of participants E-DINARCOIN?

Internet-community E-DINARCOIN assumes complete anonymity and privacy of its members. In addition, each participant can express themselves publicly voluntaraly.

Can I use E-DINARCOIN for illegal purposes?

E-DINARCOIN is virtual money, and can be carried out with any money both legal and illegal operations. Therefore, the use of this currency for illicit purposes, unfortunately, is also possible. However, it should be understood that any illegal action with any money is subject to the provisions of the Criminal Legislation and entails criminal liability.